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The Virtual Studio Day

Exclusive Online Get-it-Done Session
with strategic creativity coach Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Next date: Tuesday, July 14th
9:00 AM PT | Noon ET | 5:00 PM GMT | 6:00 PM CET
After attending this exclusive online studio session, you’ll be four productive hours closer to realizing your most neglected dream.
Join Katherine Robertson-Pilling, creativity trainer and author of The Wheel of Creativity innovation compass, as she guides you and a select group of creative entrepreneurs through the creative process – from where you are and where you want to be –in your most pressing project. 
In four one-hour segments with five video group check-ins you will:
… and get it done!
  • Achieve any meaningful goal you choose
  • Power through procrastination and perfectionism
  • Blast through long-standing, paralyzing blocks
  • Create momentum that lasts all month long
The VSD Summer Package (3-month subscription) gives you:
  • Access to six studio days (June 30, July 14 and 28, August 11 and 25, September 8) to keep you moving (your project that is!) all summer long
  • A "Buy One Get One" package price of $179/month (3-month subscription required)
  • More consistency, more accountability, and more momentum throughout the month

Drop-in Sessions give you:
  • Access to individual studios (same dates) whenever you can make them
  • A 30%-off Drop-in price of $125/session (no subscription required)  >> Use the code DROPIN at checkout. <<
  • More flexibility and more freedom to work at your own pace

Twice the studios at half the price.
Two ways to join and save...
"The Virtual Studio Day is mind-blowingly powerful. Just knowing it’s in my calendar helps me to identify something I can get done in the four hours that will both be significant for me and propel me into a new level of momentum. The timing is perfect – four hours of work and hourly check-ins along the way. It’s been crucial for me to get through some of my biggest creative challenges and break through my plateaus. And that has a high impact for me, for my product and my business partner. I’ve been extremely empowered by this experience. For what I get out of it, it’s a complete bargain. I love to do it monthly to keep resetting myself, motivating myself and moving forward." 

- Victoria Alai, Digital Social Entrepreneur 
Silicon Valley, California
"Procrastination is something I really struggle with and joining Katherine's Virtual Studio Day was a fantastic way for me to work through that. At first, the 4 hours seemed so daunting but that's only because I thought it would all take place in one go. What really happens is that those 4 hours are broken into 4 parts. You can choose to work on 4 separate tasks or if one task needs a bit more time, you can use another hour to tackle it. At the top of every hour you can talk about what you worked on and what you found difficult. Katherine will give you some coaching and off you go into the next hour. After you have completed the day, you will have achieved success in a myriad of ways. But non quite like the satisfaction that you busted through some of your creative blocks with a bit of help. I HIGHLY recommend Katherine's Virtual Studio Day, it will spark joy for you!"

- Natalie Wagner
"Multi-tasking is my worst distraction. Katherine's Virtual Studio Day gave me the structure I needed to stay on task to accomplish a big chunk of work. It's the best for a specific project. In four hours I broke the project down into manageable areas, identified key milestones and achieved several critical tasks."

-Diane Lydon, Director of International Sales
"Once again, I came through this virtual studio with major breakthroughs on things that were in my head, but I couldn’t figure out how to do them. As you reminded us, Katherine, the answers come in the action, in doing the work. It is so much easier than sitting around trying to figure it all out before I start. I came to the VSD not knowing what the path was to the results I needed. I had no idea that I’d have what I have now at the end of the four hours. I feel very hopeful. I have a place to launch from for the work I want to do next."

-Cal Harris Jr, Musician, Music Producer
Reserve your space all summer for $179/month!

Drop in when you can for $125 
(Use Code DROPIN at Checkout)