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with strategic creativity coach Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Breakthrough Do-The-Work Session
The Virtual Studio Day

  • Do you have a project you just can’t get started… or finish?  
  • Is there some part of it that intimidates you or keeps you stuck?
  • Is it always easier to do other people’s projects before yours? 
  • Are you ready to commit four hours to break through and win?

I'm Katherine Robertson-Pilling, strategic creativity coach and author of The Wheel of Creativity®. I created the Virtual Studio Day over 10 years ago because I kept seeing how often creative people procrastinate their most important projects. I kept seeing how often all my clients needed was just a push to move through the self-doubt and self-censorship that shut them down, so they could get to work and get the job done.
I recognized the need because I needed it myself!

Can you relate?
And you don't have to go it alone.
The Virtual Studio Day is a four-hour online do-the-work event.

In every Studio Day, I guide a small group of visionary creative people like you through the bumpy parts of the creative journey – from where you are to where you want to be – in your most pressing project.
People bring all kinds of projects to the Studio. So you can:

  • Complete the first or last chapter of your book 
  • Gather the research for your creative project 
  • Record or edit those marketing videos 
  • Practice a technical skill you’ve been avoiding 
  • Clear the clutter from your office, art or music studio 
  • Create the shortcuts to be ready when inspiration strikes 
  • Plan and organize a big event 
  • Complete your assignments in another course 
  • Work on administrative tasks like your taxes 
  • Do the intimidating or scary parts of your project 
  • Bring the one thing no one has ever brought before! 
In each Studio Day there are four 50-minute working segments linked by five group check-ins (before, during and after). At the top of every hour we meet via Zoom to share our goals, challenges and results. When you hit those familiar mental blocks, I’ll jump in with a bit of express coaching to keep you making progress. Then we all “go back to our rooms” to do the work.

Unlike other co-working sessions, space in the Virtual Studio is limited. It’s an intimate group where you’ll feel safe and supported to do the tough stuff. I specialize in coaching creative people through the self-judgment or self-doubt that stop us all, and participants choose this event again and again because it’s safe and it works.
What happens in the Studio?
Real Reviews of the Virtual Studio Day
"The Virtual Studio Day is mind-blowingly powerful. Just knowing it’s in my calendar helps me to identify something I can get done in the four hours that will both be significant for me and propel me into a new level of momentum. It’s been crucial for me to get through some of my biggest creative challenges and break through my plateaus. And that has a high impact for me, for my product and my business partner. I’ve been extremely empowered by this experience. I love to do it monthly to keep resetting myself, motivating myself and moving forward." 

- Victoria Alai, Digital Social Entrepreneur 
"Procrastination is something I really struggle with and joining Katherine's Virtual Studio Day was a fantastic way for me to work through that. You can choose to work on four separate tasks or if one task needs a bit more time, you can use another hour to tackle it. At the top of every hour you can talk about what you worked on and what you found difficult. Katherine will give you some coaching and off you go into the next hour. After you have completed the day, you will have achieved success in a myriad of ways. But non quite like the satisfaction that you busted through some of your creative blocks."

- Natalie Wagner
"Multi-tasking is my worst distraction. Katherine's Virtual Studio Day gave me the structure I needed to stay on task to accomplish a big chunk of work. It's the best for a specific project. In four hours I broke the project down into manageable areas, identified key milestones and achieved several critical tasks."

- Diane Lydon, Marketing & Communications Specialist
"Once again, I came through this virtual studio with major breakthroughs on things that were in my head, but I couldn’t figure out how to do them. As you reminded us, Katherine, the answers come in the action, in doing the work. It is so much easier than sitting around trying to figure it all out before I start. I came to the VSD not knowing what the path was to the results I needed. I had no idea that I’d have what I have now at the end of the four hours. I feel very hopeful. I have a place to launch from for the work I want to do next."

- Cal Harris Jr, Musician, Music Producer
""I bring all the hard projects that I don't want to work on,
all the things I've been procrastinating on and
really find the space to get things done."

- Katie Rice, Connector / Entrepreneur
"This is  a way of centering myself, a way of figuring out exactly what 
I need to concentrate on and what it is I can let go for awhile.
I can accomplish more in these four hours
than I can do in a week by myself."

- Carol Krismann, Retired Librarian / Writer
"Here I tackle the stuff that feels like a bit of a climb, the things that are slightly scary for me. I can come in tired or not feeling my best, and it’s like, “Okay, settle down, let’s do this thing.” But it’s not all about business or just getting things done in alpha mode; it feels more emotionally supportive. Because it’s coupled with the Creative Process Group, there’s a depth to how we are here with each other. I feel supported. And I’m doing a lot more than I would otherwise."

- Emily Bond, Music Composer 
If you have a project you never get around to or one you’ve started and stopped more than a few times join us.
In every Virtual Studio Day you get:
  • Four 50-minute working sessions so you can make real progress on any challenging project
  • Hourly check-ins so you can ground yourself throughout the process in the empathetic support of real people just like you
  • Express coaching with me so you can quickly see through your mental blocks and keep moving ahead
Try it once and join us to discover what you can do!
Next Date: Tuesday, July 9th
9AM PT | 10AM MT | 11AM CT |12PM ET 
What breakdown are you ready to break through? Just $49 to get it done.
Step inside the container that holds you to your word and empowers you to do what you never get around to on your own.
Click below to make your payment and save your seat at the studio table.
There will always be reasons. But there will never be a better time.